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My name is Jason Shron, and I am a train-obsessed nutcase. It's very common for train lovers to build model railroads in their basements, and I am no exception. But I've gone one step further. I built a full-size train in my basement. This web site tells the story of the full-size VIA Rail Canada coach currently living in my house, as well as the model railroad I will probably be building for the next 30 years.

The name Kingston Sub refers to CN's Kingston Subdivision, the railway tracks between Toronto and Montreal. This is not a web site for Queen's University students to order sandwiches (although I do make a mean bagel).

Throughout, many of the images can be expanded by clicking on them. I've coded the site myself, so if any of the links don't work properly, please let me know and I will likely have no clue how to fix it.

Latest News


6 December 2013

New stuff at the shop: VIA-CN FP9A locomotives and Rapido F-unit sound decoders.

Benchwork Construction

27 November 2013

Major update covering the new plywall benchwork method. Click here to visit the Construction pages.

Blog Update

27 November 2013

New blog entry - it's only been eight months! This one covers the first train to run on the Kingston Sub.


27 November 2013

Two new silly Rapido videos in the Videos section, along with a link to a preview to their new documentary on the Turbo. T-Shirts

4 April 2013

T-Shirts now come with free shipping! Click here to visit the shop and buy your VIA, CN and Amtrak T-Shirts.

The Shop

10 March 2013

The shop is finally up and running! Click here to visit the shop and buy really obscure train stuff including exclusive models, T-shirts and parts from real trains!

Boaz Shron Teaches a Train Lesson

6 March 2013

My son, Boaz, gets really peeved when grown-ups, advertisers, packaging designers, children's TV producers, or anyone else says "chugga chugga choo choo." Visit the Videos page to see how he sets the record straight for the world.

Fred Lagno's Model Railroad

6 March 2013

More regular updates are on the way, starting with the latest blog entry, on Fred Lagno's stunning model railroading and photography. Click here or on the image at left to read it.

Train in the Basement

16 January 2013

WOW! There has been incredible interest in the train in the basement from all around the world! Click on the picture to the left to see some more videos of the train. (For those of you who don't know, the guy on the left is Peter Mansbridge, the best-known news anchor in Canada!)

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Uncredited prototype photos are either mine or courtesy Bill Morrison, Brian Schuff and the Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
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