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Coach 5647 Photo Gallery

Time, Time, Time, see what's become of me...

Below is a photo gallery of the train in the basement. It's taken four-and-a-half years and thousands of hours to build, but it's been well worth it. If you are just starting on your model railroad or you have another long-term project you are working on, it is so important to keep that vision in your head and heart. Don't lose faith and don't lose interest. With persistence and hard work, it will take shape and you will reach your goal.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view it, so if you are using an iPad and you can't see it, I suggest downloading Photon Flash Video Player so you can view all Flash-enabled web sites.


Click on the years above to see how the coach was built, or follow the links below to see more.

Coach 5647 - Introduction
The YouTube Movie
The Original Coach 5647
The 1:1 Model in the Basement
5647 Photo Gallery
Sidura's Globe and Mail Essay about the Basement

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Uncredited prototype photos are either mine or courtesy Bill Morrison, Brian Schuff and the Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
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