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Coach 5647 Construction: 2012

All Things Must Pass Away

Below is a gallery of construction progress through 2012. You need Adobe Flash Player to view it, so if you are using an iPad and you can't see it, I suggest downloading Photon Flash Video Player so you can view all Flash-enabled web sites.

I finally finished the coach in November 2012, except for a hidden bit in the electrical locker which will remain unfinished until I *really* have nothing to do. Music in 2012 was a mix of old and new.

I already had the sound system set up by the time I was finishing the vestibule and painting the exterior , so I could finally break out my LP collection, which had been in storage for five years. Elton John, George Harrison, The Guess Who and Wings kept me company in the wee hours as I riveted and painted the vestibule. Playing these great songs from the 1970s firmly rooted me in the early VIA coach era.

It's nice that local girl Carly Rae Jepsen finally made it big, and Call Me Maybe became the anthem for our house through most of 2012. Dalya (age 5) knows every word...

Musical inspiration in 2012 included:

Elton John - Madman Across the Water
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Greatest
The Guess Who - Greatest Hits
Carly Rae Jepsen - Curiosity

Though I haven't created a gallery for 2013 (and probably won't, as the coach is finished!), I have to add that I have fallen completely in love with Vanessa Carlton's music. The two songs below are most definitely worth downloading:

Vanessa Carlton - Carousel
Vanessa Carlton - I Don't Want to Be a Bride


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