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Coach 5647 Construction Progress

How an empty room became a full-size train

I started building the coach in May 2008 in a 12x20 foot pink-painted room in the basement. I finally finished it in November 2012, though there are of course a few more things to fix up. Click on a year below to see how it came together.

Follow the links below to see more.

Coach 5647 - Introduction
The YouTube Movie
The Original Coach 5647
The 1:1 Model in the Basement
5647 Photo Gallery
Sidura's Globe and Mail Essay about the Basement

Rapido Trains Inc. ©2013 by Jason Shron. I designed and coded it myself so sorry if your screen blew up.
Uncredited prototype photos are either mine or courtesy Bill Morrison, Brian Schuff and the Kaluza-Mueller Collection.
Thanks for actually reading this small print. Must be a slow day, eh?